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    Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree
    December 13, 2014; Time: 9:00a-4:00p
    Location: Hopewell Moravian Church

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    Raven Knob Museum

    Archive. Exhibits. Activities.
    Open during Summer Camp at Raven Knob near Mount Airy, NC and by Appointment.

  • Resources


    Newspaper clippings, membership records, and scrapbooks are resources available from the Association

21st Annual Trade-O-Ree (2014)

The Association’s is actively planning the 21st Annual Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree. We hope to see many of our fellow Scouts and Scouters from around the region at the event. Make sure to check our Trade-O-Ree page on the website for more information (dates, times, location, directions).

Vendors: We are asking our vendors to submit a Trade-O-Ree Table Request Form by December 1st with full payment to secure your their table reservation. The form can be found on our Trade-O-Ree page.

Annual Association Awards Recipients

The Association’s annual awards – the Roy M. Hinshaw Memorial Award and the Raven Award – were presented at the Old Hickory Council Annual Recognition & Awards Banquet on Friday, April 11, 2014. The banquet was held at Wake Forest University’s Bridger Field House beginning at 6:30pm. Recipients for the past calendar year, 2013, were recognized.

2013 Recipients:

Raven Award: Mr. Jim Pueschel

Roy M. Hinshaw Memorial Award: Mr. Eliot Smith (on behalf of the Zelo Zelos Chapter), Mr. Matt White, & Mr. Steve Wilburn

The Raven Award is presented for distinguished service in the preservation of Scouting’s history over a period of years. The Roy M. Hinshaw Memorial Award is presented for exceptional service in the preservation of Scouting’s history through a project or activity that has more or less taken place during the past calendar year.

Annual Trade-O-Ree: 2013 Overview

The 2013 Annual Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree was a great success. We had over 100 individuals attend our event held at Hopewell Moravian Church on Saturday, December 21, 2013. The vendors brought some unique items for any and all participants. A huge thank you goes out to all vendors, participants, and supporters. We are looking forward to the 21st Annual Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree in December 2014. Check out our Trade-O-Ree page for information.

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